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These pages contain MTP publications and reports, including the Government Standard Briefing Notes1.

1The Market Transformation Programme produces Government Standard Briefing Notes, which contain relevant information from the evidence base and details all references and assumptions behind the figures in the evidence base. These Briefing Notes are public consultation documents that allow stakeholders to examine the data and assumptions behind the proposed Government Standards and related projections. These are replacing the now out-of-date Briefing Notes. 

The Government Standard Briefing Notes provide background information to the Consultation 'Saving energy through better products and appliances'.


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Consumer Electronics and Information and Communication Technologies (CE and ICT) Number of Documents
CE and ICT Compliance 3
CE and ICT Cross Sector 3
Computers 8
External Power Supply Units 4
Games Consoles 2
Imaging equipment 8
Monitors 8
Product Bulletins 6
Set Top Boxes (STBs) 4
Televisions 8
Video Recorders 4
Air Conditioning Number of Documents
Non Domestic Air Conditioning 9
Cross-Sector Number of Documents
Cross Sector 11
Energy Labelling 8
Product Bulletins 1
Studies to Inform Future Evidence 6
UK Government Guidance 1
Lighting Number of Documents
Commercial Lighting 10
Domestic and Commercial Lighting 6
Domestic Lighting 5
Lighting Compliance 2
Product Bulletins 2
Refrigeration Number of Documents
Commercial Refrigeration 29
Heating Number of Documents
Domestic Heating 9
Wet Appliances Number of Documents
Combined Laundry 4
Dishwashers 5
Product Bulletins 1
Tumble Driers 3
Water Number of Documents
Domestic Water Using Products 6
Water Cross Sector 3
Motor Driven Systems Number of Documents
Motor Driven Systems 10
Product Bulletins 3
Cold Appliances Number of Documents
Domestic Cold Appliances 4
Product Bulletins 1
Domestic Appliances Number of Documents
Coffee Machines 1
Domestic Appliances Cross Sector 1
Domestic Ovens, Hobs and Range Hoods 3
Transformers Number of Documents
Small, Distribution and Power Transformers 1